The Event

The Sea to Sky ALS Rally is a luxury, classic and modified car charity fundraiser

The event will begin in the afternoon at the upper parking lot of Cypress Mountain on Sunday, August 30th, 2020. Check-in and distribution of vinyl decals will be open to all participants starting at noon in the designated lot. Departure for the Pemberton Airport will commence at 1:00pm. Upon arrival, a volunteer will confirm attendees have the correct wrist band and will be directed to park along the north end of the runway. Participants that choose to enter the 1/4mile event can call out another registered car for a shoot out. If participants do not challenge another car, we will pair up cars with similar stats to create the most engaging races possible. The Town Square Restaurant will have their food truck at the airport providing tacos, Poutine, soft drinks, and water. There will be music, prizes and final announcements to designate the end of the event around 7:00pm.

We welcome and encourage Pemberton residents to walk though the rally lot to enjoy the races and display of diverse participating cars.

This year the rally will be donating all the money raised to the ALS Center Of Excellence campaign. The ALS Clinic at Vancouver General Hospital was started in 1980 under the guidance of a UBC Full-time Physician-Scientist, Professor-Emeritus, Dr Andrew Eisen. Since Dr Eisen’s retirement from UBC in 2005, the ALS Clinic moved to GF Strong Rehabilitation Centre and is funded through Vancouver Coastal Health. The Clinic is being served by 4 part-time Neurologists, who although supplying excellent clinical care have not been able to maintain the prior International stature that the clinic enjoyed, nor have been able to continue to run clinical trials and clinical research — and this has left the ALS community in British Columbia with little hope of an effective treatment or cure. Once the total funding required is raised, The University of British Columbia, Faculty of Medicine will facilitate the recruitment of a full-time dedicated ALS Clinician-Scientist. This person will champion and direct the Provincial ALS Clinic in patient care, and clinical trials so British Columbians living with ALS have the same, if not greater opportunities, to participate in clinical trials as do others in larger populated provinces.


  • Participants must be registered through the ALS Rally website
  • Cars has to be road worthy according to the British Colombia motor vehicle act regulations
  • Must hold a valid government issued driver’s license.
  • Have valid vehicle insurance.
  • Have proof of vehicle ownership/lease/rental documentation.