Sea To Sky ALS Rally

Join the charity fundraiser August 28-29th, 2021


ALS Warrior Spotlight

Each year going forward we want to share an ALS patients story. With the lack of awareness surrounding ALS, we want to use our platform to highlight their struggles on their mission to overcome the challenges associated with their diagnosis. These individuals wake up everyday on a quest to fight a battle that currently has no possibility for victory.

“Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis(ALS) or Lou Gehrig’s disease, is a fatal disease that causes the death of neurons controlling voluntary muscles.”

Most people recognize the disease from the “ice bucket challenge” from 2014; a viral movement which brought global awareness and donations to the cause. The Sea to Sky ALS Rally hopes to build a community that will continue to support and participate in this event annually. The goal is to continue the expansion of awareness for ALS though a weekend packed with automotive activities you wont find anywhere else. All proceeds of the event will go directly towards the establishment of the new ALS Center Of Hope at the UBC campus. With your support, the Sea to Sky ALS Rally can drastically improve the lives of those living in BC diagnosed with this fatal illness.